Welcome to the web site of Holy Family Catholic Church of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a pontifical society of apostolic life in union with His Holiness, Francis.  This community was established by the generosity of Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, following upon general recommendations of Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, in order to minister to the faithful who are attached to more traditional forms of worship and practice.

If this is your first time experiencing the traditional forms of the liturgy, welcome.  You should not feel out of place.  If you are a member of the Roman rite, this liturgy belongs to you.

Why do we adhere to the Traditional Latin Mass? Because it embodies within it the sense of the sacred and it is a perfect expression of the teachings of the Catholic Faith on the nature of the Mass and the Eucharist.

In the Traditional Latin Rite, Holy Communion is received on the tongue only while kneeling at the altar rail. A reminder: only baptized Catholics in the state of grace are properly disposed to receive Communion. Although today only a fast of one hour from food or beverages (excluding water) is required by the Church to receive Holy Communion, all the faithful are exhorted to follow any of the more traditional forms of Eucharistic fast. The fast which was in use until the time of Pope St. John XXIII involved a total fast (food and all beverages) from midnight on. This or anything in between can be freely observed, provided the bare minimum as stated above is kept.

To assist at Mass more fully, use the red Latin/English missals available at the doors, paying particular attention to the margin notes. Simply follow those around you for indications as to when to stand, sit, and kneel.

Please keep a holy silence in the church at all times out of respect for Christ’s presence in the tabernacle.

We request that you dress modestly when attending Mass. Clothes that are too revealing (short skirts, shorts, low necklines), too tight or too casual (jeans, printed tee shirts, jogging suits) are inappropriate for Church.  Dress well; you are in the presence of Our Lord, your king.

Since the beginning of the Church, it has always been the custom for women and girls to cover their heads in church. We therefore provide chapel veils at the back of church with an explanation of this custom and recommend that this custom, based in Holy Scripture and Tradition and never abrogated, be followed.

If you wish to become a member of the parish, you can apply for membership by filling out a registration form, which can be found in church or on this website.

Come join us for coffee and donuts served after Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month in the undercroft of the church. We’d like to meet you.

We invite you to become a member of Holy Family Catholic Church and look forward to seeing you at Mass each Sunday.

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