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GOOD NEWS:    Remember to set your clocks back 1 hour Saturday night!


Monday, October 26 7:00 pm   Low Mass
Tuesday, October 27 12:00 pm   Low Mass
Wednesday, October 28 12:00 pm   Low Mass
Thursday, October 29 12:00 pm   Low Mass
Friday, October 30 7:00 pm   Low Mass
Saturday, October 31

9:00 am

  Low Mass
Sunday, November 1 8:00 am (Confessions 1/2 hour before) Low Mass
  10:30 am   (Confessions 1/2 hour before) HIGH MASS

All-Publicly-Celebrated-Masses – Letter from the Archbishop

Guidelines for Resumption of Public Worship (COVID-19)



Welcome to the web site of Holy Family Catholic Church, a parish of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a society of apostolic life of pontifical right in union with His Holiness, Pope Francis, and the Archbishop of Cincinnati, Dennis M. Schnurr.  This parish was established by the generosity of Archbishop Schnurr in order to minister to the faithful who are attached to the most traditional forms of worship, and more generally, for all those who desire to experience the richness and diversity of the Church’s liturgical and spiritual traditions.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and all the Sacraments are celebrated according to the traditional Roman Rite.

Holy Family Catholic Church Dayton, OH – 360 Virtual provided by Ron Rack at rackphoto.com

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