Parish Email Group

We have set up a group in place of the old email loop, due to google’s spam policy.  Most people who were on the old loop have already been manually added to the new group, which can be found at

If you wish to be added to this group, simply log in to a google account, go to the above link, and click the “Request to be added to the group” button.  Note that if you do not wish to receive further emails from the group, you can opt out, and you can also read the past posts to the group there.

UPDATE:  If you do not have and do not wish to have a google account, you can request to be added to the loop with your existing email address.  Simply email with your request to be added.  You can then continue to submit news items to


  • Sunday Masses

    8:00 AM Low Mass
    10:30 AM High Mass

    Confessions 30 minutes before both Masses

  • Today on the liturgical calendar for our parish:
  • Today on the liturgical calendar for our parish: